How Long Does It Take to Put Scaffolding Up on a House?

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How Long Does It Take to Put Scaffolding Up on a House?

Are you planning to contact a scaffolding company to put scaffolding up on your house? How long will it take to do so?

If you need scaffolding for a domestic job, you have to make sure that you are prepared. An important part of that preparation is to know the timeline for how long it will take to put up scaffolding. The main reason why it is important that you plan around it is to prevent unforeseen delays and cut back the time you will use the scaffolding to help you save both money and time.

How Long Will It Take to Erect Scaffolding on a House?

The time it will take for putting up scaffolding on a house has a significant impact on the overall price of the scaffolding job. What factors influence the time of erecting scaffolding?

The truth is that there is no set or definite timeline for putting up scaffolding. There are several factors that affect the time required for setting up scaffolding for your project. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Ease of access – The time can add if the specific part of the property is difficult to access.
  • Size – It can involve the specific numbers that you will need and the size of the scaffold as a whole.
  • Listed property – If the property is listed, it is possible for scaffolders to start working right away. But, for listed properties, they still have to wait until the permit is granted.

Average Timescales for Scaffolding Erection Set by the Industry

Based on the industry average, expect that your scaffolding will be completely set up in a matter of 2 to 46 hours. This is relatively different for bigger industrial-sized projects that can take as long as one week or more.

Similarly, it is important to consider the time it will take for the scaffolding to be disassembled after your project is finished. Disassembly of scaffolding tends to be relatively faster. But, you also need to consider the time that cleaning will take up afterwards.

The Length of Time to Put Up Scaffolding Actually “Depends”

As stated above, the exact timeline to put up and disassemble scaffolding will still depend largely on your specific project. You might want to discuss things with your chosen scaffolding company because more than anyone else, they can provide you a quote not just for the project’s overall price but for the timeline involved as well. They can also talk to you about your project’s specific requirements and provide you with the right timeline to plan around.

The last but definitely not the least important thing you should keep in mind is that there are also those companies that have the so-called minimum rental period. It means that the shortest period of time you can rent scaffolding should not be more than the set period, like 6 weeks, for instance. It is also important to check and confirm if the company can also accommodate you project that will be completed in a fortnight, for example.