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Welcome to Skyhigh Scaffolding Liverpool, your local scaffolding experts serving Merseyside, Lancashire, and surrounding areas in the North West. If you need a temporary roof or emergency roofing installed quickly and safely for a domestic or commercial project in Liverpool, Wirral, or Preston, you’ve come to the right company in Liverpool. Feel free to get in touch for a free estimate.

Providing scaffolding services for temporary roofing allows vital refurbishment and repair work to continue inside a property, despite inclement weather conditions outside. At Skyhigh Scaffolding Liverpool, we have a highly skilled scaffolding team with unrivalled knowledge and experience to advise, design, and install high-quality, excellent temporary roofs that protect your project against leaks and damage to your home.

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Why Choose Skyhigh Scaffolding Liverpool for Your Temporary Roof or Emergency Roof Repair?

With over 20 years’ experience, Skyhigh Scaffolding Liverpool has developed a strong reputation for delivering excellent customer service and high-quality temporary roofs across Liverpool and wider Merseyside, including Wirral and St Helens. Here are the key reasons to rely on us and call us:

Fully Compliant and Accredited in the Construction Industry

All our scaffolding services and temporary roofs comply with relevant British, European, and construction industry safety requirements. Our staff are committed to providing the highest standards and are fully trained and accredited to the latest industry qualifications. We maintain rigorously high scaffolding and roofing scaffolding standards on every project, big or small

 Strong Health and Safety Record

Your safety is paramount. Our excellent health and safety record is reflected by a very low accident rate. We conduct thorough risk assessments and method statements before starting any scaffolding work on-site. Our team of highly trained staff are trained to work safely at height at all times and meet all safety requirements.

Broad Experience

With vast experience erecting temporary roofs, commercial scaffolding, and domestic scaffolding on projects of all shapes and sizes, we can cater to any challenge. From small residential extensions to large new builds or commercial builds, no job is too big or small for us. Our services include emergency roofers for urgent projects and roofing emergencies.

Adaptable and Durable Structures

Our temporary roofs and scaffold towers are custom-designed to precisely fit your domestic and commercial customers’ project requirements. We use high-grade aluminium and roofing sheets to provide strong and durable structures that withstand weather elements.

Rapid Installation

We can mobilise rapidly to erect temporary roofing and scaffold hire swiftly. This means minimum disruption to your project timescales in Liverpool, Warrington, or Widnes. Our extensive resources and specialist staff allow quick installation and dismantle services at competitive prices.

Cost-Effective Service

Our years of workmanship and experience installing temporary roofs and scaffold towers mean we can provide right-first-time, cost-effective solutions. There are no hidden charges – we’re upfront about all costs.

Liverpool Temporary Roofs

 Types of Temporary Roofs
and Scaffolding Supply

The ideal temporary roof for your project depends on many factors, including size, height, budget, and anticipated weather conditions. At Skyhigh Scaffolding Liverpool, based in Liverpool, we can provide any of the following high-quality temporary roofing solutions:

 Full Scaffold Crash Decks

For maximum strength and weather protection, a full scaffold crash deck involves a scaffolding structure erected around the perimeter and scaffolded girders spanning across to create a platform, fully boarded out with plywood or metal sheets. Our scaffolding erectors offer this robust solution for total overhead protection.

Partial Scaffold Crash Decks

A lighter option, partial crash decks provide a perimeter scaffolding frame with horizontal beams and purlins in Cheshire and Macclesfield. These support clear or opaque polythene or PVC sheets stretched across the roof area. Partial decks allow good light transmission while providing water run-off protection.

Truss Roofs

Trusses provide an economical roofing solution for smaller areas like a conservatory. Traditionally made of timber, modern trusses feature light metal frames spanned with polythene, PVC, or mesh. We install high-quality trusses able to carry specified design loads.


Free-standing canopies provide cover for external areas and entrances in Manchester. Fabric canopies are commonly used, providing shelter while allowing air circulation. We install robust, wind-resistant structures secured using scaffolding or specially constructed frames.

Other Bespoke Solutions

We can engineer bespoke temporary roofing to meet your exact specifications. If a standard solution isn’t suitable, our technical team will design and install a custom temporary roof structure based on your requirements in locations like St Helens or net services in areas like Preston.

Suspended Covers

For internal atria or spaces with access below, we can install suspended fabric roof covers. Waterproof PVC fabrics are suspended from wires or purpose-installed temporary structures across the area. Suspended covers prevent water ingress while maintaining light in areas like Southport and Wigan.

Planning Your Project

The first step in planning a temporary roof or temporary repair installation in Liverpool is to arrange a site survey. As one of the leading providers of scaffolding service in Liverpool, our professional scaffolding team will visit to assess the parameters and challenges of your specific project. We’ll measure the area to be covered, inspecting things like chimney positions, and assess the surrounding environment.

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We’ll discuss factors like:

After surveying, we’ll provide a written quote detailing our highest quality temporary roofing recommendations, with drawings as required. We can also advise on planning permission requirements for both domestic and commercial customers.

Installation Process

Once your professional scaffolding and temporary roofing project is planned, our team will undertake installation efficiently and safely, ensuring all requirements are met. The key stages include:

  • Prepare the Site

    We’ll ensure the site is ready for installation, with any obstructions like neighbouring structures removed and the area cleared and levelled where the roof structure will stand.

  • Deliver Materials and Equipment

    Our logistics team will deliver all necessary scaffolding in Liverpool, roofing materials, and tools to your site. We utilise our extensive resources to mobilise quickly.

  • Erect the Roof Structure

    Experienced scaffolding crews will construct the temporary roof framework according to the agreed design. For full crash decks, this means installing a perimeter scaffold and roof beams across the area.

Scaffolding Liverpool Temporary Roofs
Temporary Roofs Liverpool
  • Add Decking and Waterproof Layer

    With the underlying structure complete, we’ll install the decking substrate (typically plywood or metal sheeting) and then overlay the waterproof membrane, sealing and integrating with the scaffolding frame.

  •  Install Covers (For Partial Decks)

    For partial crash decks, the final step involves securely installing the polythene, PVC, or mesh sheets over the roof area and anchoring tightly.

  • Inspect and Test

    Once installation is finished, we’ll conduct rigorous checks and testing through a Checkatrade-verified process to ensure your temporary roof meets required standards before handover. This ensures everything is 100% safe and weatherproof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about our temporary roofing services:

How quickly can you provide temporary roofing solutions?

For most mid-sized projects, we can complete installation within 3-5 working days. For smaller canopies, just 1-2 days. We’ll confirm timescales at the quoting stage.

Do you need planning permission?

Usually not for short-term structures, but we’ll advise homeowners on a case-by-case basis depending on local authority rules. We can assist with applications.

What are the roof construction options?

We offer full and partial crash decks, truss roofs, suspended covers, canopies, and bespoke designs. Our engineers will recommend the optimal solution to ensure your requirements are met.

Can the roof incorporate access, lights, or openings?

Certainly, we can design the temporary roof to include access stairs, lighting rigs, ventilation openings, or viewing areas to suit your needs.

How long can a temporary roof stay up?

Usually around 6-12 months. We’ll advise on long-term structural integrity and re-roof options, and ensure compliance with temporary structure regulations.

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For high quality, compliant temporary roofs installed promptly by experienced crews, Skyhigh Scaffolding Liverpool should be your first choice for scaffolding service in Liverpool. Whether you’re a homeowner needing short-term weather protection for a small domestic extension or a complex commercial roofing solution, we can assist. To receive a tailored quote for your Merseyside-based project, contact us and call our friendly team on 0151 380 0327 today. We’ll visit your site for an expert assessment and provide rapid recommendations.

With Skyhigh Scaffolding Liverpool as your temporary roofing partner, you can concentrate on driving works forward, safe in the knowledge your project is securely covered.