How is Scaffolding Charged in the UK?

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How is Scaffolding Charged in the UK?

Info provided by Skyhigh Scaffolding:

You will surely need scaffolding if you are building a house or doing some renovation works on your home. Scaffolding makes it possible for tradesmen and builders to reach and access spots that are otherwise unreachable while making for improved safety and efficiency at the same time.

While the initial cost is a bit high, scaffolding can save you a lot of money in the long run because it means that several people can work on one area simultaneously. It also allows heavy materials to be easily and quickly move around the site.

Many construction companies already have a scaffolding of their own. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should also be using it. Just like anything else, it is always a wise idea for you to shop around first and get several quotes before you decide on the specific scaffolding you will use.

How is scaffolding charged in the UK, then?

It is actually difficult to estimate the average cost for scaffolding because there are a lot of factors that can affect the price.

To give you a good idea, here are some of the elements considered when deciding on how much you will be charged for the scaffolding:

The Amount of Required Scaffolding

The prices of scaffolding vary a lot according to the number of square metres required as well as the length of time the set up will take.

For smaller areas, it is only natural that the amount and the setup is going to be lower while for larger areas, these two will both be higher and it will be reflected on the overall price.

Thus, it only makes sense that if your scaffolding is higher, you will also be charged higher because more height will also require more wooden boards and metal poles.

Scaffolding Configuration

Another critical factor is the specific configuration of the scaffolding. Aside from the chimneys and conservatory bridges, the specific number of working levels is going to be factored in as well when determining how much you will be charged. Depending on the specific type of project, the workers might have to access the walls or house at various levels such as in the case of a paint job. On the other hand, gutter cleaning or roofing will require a single working level only.

Duration of Hire

The fixed hire periods for most scaffolding are usually 6 to 8 weeks. Based on the particular type of project, your chosen construction company is going to quote you with a fixed price for these two durations. It is best to decide on a daily or weekly cost if the project ends up taking longer than anticipated. The price also differs when needing commercial scaffolding or residential scaffolding.


Location is yet another important factor to consider. Companies that operate in bigger cities, specifically in London, may charge you up to three times more for hiring scaffolding than those companies located in rural areas.

Permits and Licensing

If the project needs erecting scaffolding on a pavement or road, you should ask for permission from the local council. This will not just incur an additional cost as it might also considerably slow down the project. Make sure that you deal with this first before you hire a company.