How High Can a Mobile Scaffold Tower Go?

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How High Can a Mobile Scaffold Tower Go?

Mobile scaffold towers are aluminium structures erected on the site. These can be built to the maximum height of up to 12 metres. A mobile scaffold tower is equipped with lockable casters or wheels for easier and faster manoeuvrability. You can always find the right scaffold for you if you will need to work at heights but still has to be on the move all the time.

Before you buy or scaffold hire a tower, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Mobility vs. Height

Height and mobility are the two important considerations when trying to choose between fixed or mobile scaffold towers. As mentioned earlier, the maximum height that a mobile scaffold tower can go is 12 metres. While this is already good enough for majority of residential works, if your upcoming build happens to be a commercial project, you might find that it will not be able to create a working platform that is high enough for the job.

Mobility is definitely your primary concern if your project will be moving around a lot. Standard scaffold structures will have to be reassembled and stripped down in every area where you will need. On the other hand, a mobile scaffold tower will allow you to just unlock all the wheels then move this to the next are.


A mobile scaffold tower is relatively more cost-effective as far as the initial outlay is concerned. In the event that there is no need for a higher structure, you will discover that the upfront costs of buying a mobile scaffold tower are cheaper than your outlay for buying a complete scaffold system. It is already expensive enough to get started without the additional costs of equipment that you might not need just yet. A mobile scaffold tower is very versatile that you can use for different jobs.


A mobile scaffold tower is something that can be easily stripped and erected even by just one person. That same worker can also move it from one place to another. As far as larger scaffold structures are concerned, safety is an issue if there is no enough manpower for handing things up and down while the structure is being built and stripped.

After building it, remember that all types of structures where a person might fall over 2 metres can still be categorised as by the WHS as high risk and will require Safe Work Method Statement or SWMS to be completed by everyone working on the structure.

If the distance that an object or person can fall is less than 4 metres, it is not necessarily required for a qualified scaffolder to put up the structure. However, it is still important to choose a capable person to do the job.

If your upcoming project requires a high working platform, a mobile scaffold tower can be one of your best options. It saves you from the need to go through the lengths and costs of erecting a fixed scaffold tower if a mobile one can perfectly do the job.


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