How Much Does It Cost to Hire Scaffolding for Your Home UK?

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Scaffolding for Your Home UK?

When it is time for you to maintain and repair your home, using scaffolding is one of those things that you cannot simply avoid. To keep yourself and your workers safe, it is important to offer a secure and safe way of reaching those areas inaccessible by a simple ladder.

But before you even hire the first scaffolding you can find, there are a few things you should know about the real cost of hiring one.

Cost of Scaffolding

The price of hiring from a scaffolding contractor and putting up scaffolding mainly depends on the length and height of the required scaffolding, your exact location in the UK, and for how long you will need the scaffolding for. The average price for erecting scaffold on the three sides of a standard semi-detached home for one roofing job is approximately £650 to £800. You should expect to spend £400 for bridging over a conservatory with walkable bridge.

It will cost you about £250 to build a simple scaffold to the height of the gutters. However, you have to remember that most tradesmen will usually increase this price when the job they are doing is quite a small one such as gutter repair. Be sure that you research and request for quotes from several traders before you commit to one company.

Costs for Supply Only

In most cases of hiring scaffolding, the cost of labour for scaffolding installation and dismantlement is included. Below is a quick overview of the basic supply-costs of average scaffolding in the UK:

  • Average cost edge protectors is £10 per square metre
  • Average cost of independent scaffold is £15 per square metre
  • Average  cost of guardrails is £10 per square metre

There are cases when it is also possible to purchase your own scaffold structures from reliable suppliers. This can be a cheaper alternative than hiring scaffolding, especially if you expect to use it for a long time or you anticipate that you will be using scaffolding once again in the near future.

Extra Costs 

Just like with other types of building projects, there will always be the possibility of additional costs aside from the ones that you planned for.

  • There might be a need for scaffolding license if your scaffolding is going to interfere on public areas like footpaths or roads. You need to obtain this license from your local council. However, remember that the price will vary based on the county. It also has the tendency of being charged for every scaffold instead of per every project. The prices start from £45 a month up to £215 per week based on your specific location.
  • Specialised builds or equipment like building on a slope or bridging over a conservatory can make you incur an additional cost since these are not considered as standard scaffolding builds. Typical bridges can cost an extra £400 if needed on top of other scaffolding so be sure that you ask for a quote first before you commit to the hire.
  • There is typically an extra charge of about £50 if there is a need for a rubbish chute on the site.