Is Scaffolding a Dangerous Job?

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Is Scaffolding a Dangerous Job?

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Construction sites will never be complete without scaffolding. It lets workers get to higher levels and offers more stability compared to using a ladder. But scaffolding is known to be quite dangerous, which explains the numerous accidents that involve construction workers. Although falls are considered as the main cause of personal injuries in construction, the use of scaffolding is among the primary reasons why falls occur in the first place. It is also much more likely to be injured on commercial scaffolding designs, than that of residential scaffolding, simply due to the sheer size of each design.

Scaffolding-Related Accidents in Construction Sites

Most workers in the construction field usually work on scaffolds. It is said that more than half of today’s construction industry regularly uses scaffolding as a part of their job. It led to an obviously higher number of scaffolding-related accidents. Estimates revel that accidents related to the use of scaffold account for most of the accidents on work sites that can cost millions of lost profits because of lost workdays.

Common Reasons for Scaffolding-Related Accidents

A scaffold is a temporary structure that lets workers reach heights and freely move more than they can if they are only using a traditional ladder. The construction workers in almost all areas of the construction industry use scaffolding as a way to build new buildings and repair existing structures.

Here are some of the most common reasons why scaffolding accidents occur:

  • Falling objects

Most injuries that occur in construction sites are due to objects such as pieces of building materials or tools being dropped. Any item that gets dropped from scaffolds can result to severe or even fatal injuries any person or people below.

  • Improper construction of scaffold

There are very specific and detailed set of specifications on the right way of constructing and maintaining scaffolding. This means that if scaffolding is not maintained or constructed properly, this can lead to injuries and accidents.

  • Lack of proper  inspection of scaffolding

All scaffolding must be inspected on a regular basis to make sure that it still conforms to the industry specifications. Such inspections should be performed by specially trained workers in the construction industry.  These workers must be familiar with all scaffolding nuances, the way it is constructed, as well as how to properly maintain it.

Aside from the specific types of scaffolding-related accidents, any of the scaffolding-related issues below can lead to an accident:

  • Non-existent or insecure bracing
  • Insufficient safety procedures
  • Inadequate training
  • Weak planking
  • Lack of protective equipment

More than half of the workers who got injured during scaffolding accidents claimed that their accident was due to the supporting structure or the planking that gave way. Scaffolding accidents are quite common even under a supervisor’s watchful eye or the most careful of situations.

The tiniest mistake while the workers are balanced on scaffolding structures can mean that they might end up getting injured or worse, falling off from the structure. Scaffolding-related injuries may range from minor bruises, bumps, and cuts, to more life-threatening or fatal injuries in the worst-case scenarios.

So, if you are wondering if scaffolding is a dangerous job, the answer is a big yes.